Pokkelokkie LankyFlat – Single
Handmade from a delicious, locally knitted cotton
Trim, thirsty and soft. Easy day or night cloth nappy
Requires one booster per flat and a SuperWrap cover.

Note: These items are made to order. Please allow for approximately 14-21 days for manufacture and shipping.
For urgent orders please contact

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Pokkelokkie LankyFlat – Single

LankyFlats - Size

Large: 7 kg up to 25 kg (70 cm x 70 cm), Medium: 3.5-4 kg up to 9-10 kg (60 cm x 60 cm), Small: 2kg up to 7 kg (50 cm x 50 cm)

LankyFlats - Colour

Grey, Rust, Sahara


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